Safe Shopping Tips To Avoid COVID-19

Keep Your Family Safe

Shopping for groceries and other essential items during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a stressful and potentially dangerous trip to the grocery store.  Diamond Cleaning Service compiled some suggestions to keep you and your family safe. 


Your biggest risk at the grocery store is coming in close contact with someone who is sick.  

Don’t be afraid to ask other people to step back if they are too close or wait a few moments to grab an item that people are around.  It’s not yet clear the role produce and food packaging plays in the transmission of COVID-19.  With that being said an article by the New England Journal of Medicine found that the virus was detectable on plastics and stainless steel for up to 72 hours and on cardboard for 24 hours.


When shopping at the grocery store you should assume all surfaces everywhere have been touched by somebody who is infected. 

You can help reduce your exposure by taking simple steps such as practicing social distancing, wiping down your grocery cart with disinfectant wipes, using single-use gloves when in the store handling product (responsibly discard gloves after each store, don't wear them from store to store).  Wipe down all of your groceries and packaging with a disinfectant before bringing them into your home and most importantly, WASH YOUR HANDS. 


Some grocers are opting to provide the option of curbside pick-up where you prepay and pick-up your groceries outside of the store so you don't have to go in and others are offering home delivery service.  Remember we all play a small part and if it’s done well, it means a lot. 

We offer disinfecting service for your all your grocery items, call us for a free estimate, we'll carry them in, disinfect them, and put them away for you if you like.

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