Diamond Cleaning Service COVID-19 Consulting Service

Diamond Cleaning Service’s comprehensive COVID-19 consulting service provides the assessment, development, and modification support needed for critical decision-making and documentation of processes and approaches in response to the COVID-19 disruption. Our consulting team is comprised of subject matter experts in development and quality assurance and can assess your organization’s current state of COVID-19 preparedness and support you in your recovery and remediation efforts.  If you need assistance or want more information please contact us (423) 790-1059 or toll-free (800) 304-5515, or use the link below.

The Diamond Cleaning Service Advantage

Diamond Cleaning Service is much more than just a consulting firm serving industry and business. We are a collaborative team of professionals, biotech, cleaning technicians, and service providers offering companies with the shared objective of quality and bringing key stakeholders in the process for greater alignment.

Diamond Cleaning Service COVID-19 Consulting Service Includes:


  • Business Continuity Plan Development/Modification

  • Post-COVID Remediation

  • SOPs/Working Instruction Modifications

  • Site Communication Plan Development

  • Inspection/Audit Management Preparedness

  • Review and Modifications to Study Plans (Risk Management, etc.)

  • Converting Monitoring Plans to Incorporate Remote Monitoring Solutions

  • SME Decision Support for Project Teams/Leadership

  • Protocol Modification and Deviation Management

  • Facilitating and Contributing to Risk Reviews

  • Complete Post Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

COVID-19 Rapid Response Working Group

Diamond Cleaning Service is tapped into an existing and successful network of over 120 companies to bring a select group of thought leaders together into a Working Group that meets weekly to share challenges, experiences, questions, and lessons learned as we all navigate COVID-19 and its impact on clinical trial execution.

The intent is to enable the continuity of trials with strategies and practical support, ensuring that there is a focus on patient safety, data integrity, and regulatory compliance as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

  • Diamond Cleaning Service has mobilized our panel of clinical trial subject matter experts to support the Rapid Response Working Group and is making these experts available to individual organizations as short-term needs arise.

Mitigating the risk to businesses and employees posed by COVID-19 requires agility and initiative – and a considerable amount of project management. 

And if you are operating across multiple jurisdictions, the load becomes heavier.

To get ahead of the situation with scenario modeling and highly considered action plans, Diamond Cleaning Service Consultancy Solutions can bridge gaps in resources, freeing up management teams to focus on commercial strategy and the day-to-day running of operations.

  • Diamond Cleaning Service Consultancy Solutions consists of a highly-skilled cross-border project and program managers.

  • Covering all time-zones, we coordinate the activities of some 7,800 local experts covering more than 80 jurisdictions.

  • We can help with problems today – and we can build foundations for stress tests to come Immediate response services.

  • Task force development and management – project coordination for crisis management.

  • Supply chain analysis – disruption mapping and contingency planning.

  • Development and implementation of communication management plans.

    • How companies should address staff about safety, home working, and business continuity.

    • How companies should address clients about services, social commitments, and contingencies. 

  • Development and implementation of policies:  work from home and business travel 

services for the long term.

  • Human resource management – workforce design and coordination in the post-COVID-19 world.

  • Business continuity planning – re-design and implementation following the current stress-test

If you need advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  


For all types of businesses, we offer:

  • Development of new COVID-19 policies and procedures, specific to your business operations.

  • Demonstrations of hand hygiene for your employees and residents/customers.

  • Onsite training for environmental/janitorial services on how to properly clean and disinfect/sterilize spaces specific to COVID-19.

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