Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Protecting Your Investment

Why is it important to regularly clean area rugs?

Over time, abrasive soils work their way deep into an area rug’s foundation. Cleaning is essential to maintain a rug’s appearance and prolong its life.

Why is it recommended to seek professional help for area rug cleaning?

Cleaning hand-woven rugs are also complicated because you can’t thoroughly clean a rug just by cleaning the surface. Specialized equipment and detergents are needed, and rug cleaning disasters may occur if the processes are performed incorrectly.

Bleeding, fiber distortion, and discoloration are just a few challenges a professional will face when cleaning area rugs made of natural fibers. It’s necessary for in-plant rug washing facilities to use a submersion system to remove soils and dirt deep from within the rug’s pile. Facilities that handle investment quality rugs on a daily basis have training and knowledge about rug identification and construction.

Is there a specific process or product recommendations for cleaning area rugs?


Every rug must be inspected by a qualified professional trained in all aspects of Oriental rug cleaning. Then, dust the rug using specialized equipment to remove embedded soil from the rug’s foundation. Next, the rug undergoes a gentle bath and a full rinse using only wool-safe authorized products by personnel who have proper training and certification in the care of wool textiles. Extract the water and use specialized dry room and grooming techniques to leave the rug clean and its vibrant dyes intact.



Never use any oxidizers or bleaches on rugs. Use mild bleach-free detergent and then blot and rinse with water mixed with a small amount of white vinegar. Elevate the rug to provide airflow and use a fan to dry it or hairdryer on a warm setting.

How often should these cleaning processes be repeated?

Area rugs should be professionally cleaned every three to five years in order to preserve the everlasting beauty of wool.


Are there maintenance tips that should be followed between deep cleanings?

The key to enjoying your woven treasures for a lifetime is proper maintenance by certified textile professionals who have a true passion for woven rugs and textiles. Then, between these professional cleanings, use proper padding to extend the rug’s life. To help the rug maintain an even appearance amidst exposure to traffic and sunlight, periodically turn it 180 degrees.

Vacuum on a regular basis using the proper vacuum recommended for wool from your vacuum distributor. When spills occur, they need to be blotted up immediately using an absorbent cotton towel. When attempting to remove a stain with over-the-counter products, ensure it is safe for wool and pre-test in an inconspicuous area first.

Upon discovery of a hole, tear, fringe, or selvedge becoming loose or damaged, seek immediate assistance from someone who specializes in the repair of hand-woven rugs. This will ensure that your woven art will last for generations to come.

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