Attention Cleaning Professionals: We're only one missed spot away from losing a customer. Let that sink in... We know you won't be skipping over the obvious: toilets, showers, stovetops, etc. But with so many spaces & places to clean, what are the spots that have your customer's saying "I wish they would have cleaned that", or "they missed a spot". It's the little things that matter, we want to share the most common areas that are forgotten about when cleaning, and how to properly prioritize and customize your list of cleaning tasks to cater specifically to our customer's needs. The main piece of advice: "The best way to spot any of these commonly forgotten details is to pretend you live in the house." Add these to your residential cleaning checklist! Start cleaning like a pro today!


Have you ever worked hard on a cleaning project, only to miss one little detail?  Even more frustrating is that once the customer spots that single missed detail, they might conclude that the whole job was poorly done.  Depending on where our customer lives and what are their specific living situations (do they have pets or kids?), the cleaning issues will vary. But even with that being said, here are some of the most frequently missed spots we've noticed & how to take care of them.

  1. Bathroom Soap & Shampoo Bottle Rings: Lift the bottles, and wipe the base of the bottle. Then wipe the shelf (surface) and replace the bottles to their original spots.

  2. Bathroom Vent Fan Build Up: Use a cob-webber brush to dislodge the dust build-up on a vent fan. Do this step before you clean the shower!

  3. Shower Head Mold: This is a tricky one because you have to be in the shower to see it! Stand under the showerhead & lookup… usually, a brush is enough to clean the showerhead, but if you use any bleach, be sure to turn the shower on (preferably after you have stepped out!) to rinse it… No one wants to have a ‘bleach shower’

  4. Shower Door Slime: The lower gasket or lip of the shower door will build up a thriving colony of dark & scary microorganisms! Use a disposable wipe to gently wipe the gasket clean. If you remember to do this every time, it will stay clean & manageable.

  5. Refrigerator & Freezer Door Gaskets: Unless cleaning the inside of the appliances is on your regular schedule, the door gaskets are normally not seen. However, they are an ideal spot for crumbs to collect. Simply wipe clean with a mild soapy solution and a microfiber cloth.

  6. Kitchen Cabinet "Toe-Kick Tumbleweeds": Spiders love to build webs under the cabinet toe-kick, and pet fur seems to congregate there as well - an extension duster, turned to face the bottom of the cabinet will often be enough to sweep them away.

  7. Living Room "Hidden Dust":  When finished cleaning a living area, sit down on the couch & take a few seconds to look around.  From this level, you will likely spot dust on the lamps where the knob is, smudges on the glass coffee table that are not visible from above, crumbs under couches, a cobweb hanging from the ceiling fan, and so on.  This is what the homeowner may see when they sit down to relax at the end of the day.  Take these few seconds to bring your quality of service to a new level!

  8. Bedroom Baseboards:  Bedrooms can be very dusty and baseboards are the top accumulation points. Use an extension duster (The flexible chenille microfiber high duster is ideal) to get hard to reach areas behind the nightstands, backs of TV screens, and behind the doors.



The Walk-Through is a final check, done either by the technician who cleaned the room, or better yet, their partner.  What are you looking for?  Details… depending on your climate, customer preference, and experience, these details may vary.  For example, here in the south, we have high humidity.  This means we have to be very diligent about streaks on glass doors or mirrors.  When the weather finally, (finally!) cools, spider webs are a top priority.  In homes with pets, fur tumbleweeds will hide under furniture and behind doors.  Children leave their mark on door frames and refrigerator doors.  We customize a walk-through list for each home we clean, but after a while, you will learn some of the most frequently missed spots.  The best way to spot any of these commonly forgotten details is to pretend you live in the house. In other words, put yourself in a position to see what the homeowner sees….



Sometimes it is not practical to walk over the freshly vacuumed carpet or mopped hardwood floor, so you’ll need to do the walk-through as you go.  Before you vacuum or mop, carefully look at your work, paying attention to the areas mentioned.  ALWAYS carry a clean green microfiber cloth with you to quickly clean anything you find in the walkthrough.  Turn off lights, replace area rugs, tidy pillows, throw rugs, remotes, magazines.  Finally, check the actual entry doors… Fingerprints? Smudges on glass? Crumbs under the rug?  Make it your goal to impress our customers every time they come home!

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